Force Femme America?

Republicans Are Force-Femming Themselves to Avoid COVID and It’s Hilarious

Well folks, it’s happening. Republicans have discovered the magic of HRT, and now the dolls are thinking that it can prevent COVID.

Wait a second–let’s dial it back. Republicans are doing what?

Well it’s a bit of a wild and wooly story, but thankfully one diligent Twitter user has taken the time to create a very helpful thread about exacting what the hell is happening here:

In addition to the usual suspects (Ivermectin, honey) there’s a new gal in town:

You guessed right: spironolactone and finasteride are medications that assist in the suppression of testosterone.

Wow! Ivermectin found DEAD. This is truly a bizarre piece of happenstance.

While this is totally hilarious and stupid, it’s also depressing: as this user points out, the same people who condemn trans women for taking hormones and minding their own goddamn business are now…taking hormones?

The trans community is both tickled pink and also fucking horrified and upset, because seriously what the fuck.

Also, can we just point out the obvious here? These jerks get HRT while folks in the trans community are fighting tooth and nail to get life-saving treatment? Not cool. In fact: bullshit.

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