This ex-Mar-a-Lago employee’s tale spells bad news for Trump

Last fall, the FBI confiscated boxes of classified documents from the Mar-a-Lago bathroom, the place where Trump probably spends most of his time while in Florida. Those documents told a troubled tale of deception, mishandling, and horrible bathroom etiquette. But an ex-staffer at Mar-a-Lago might be able to tell us even more.

According to an exclusive report from CNN, a Mar-a-Lago staffer stands as a witness to many of Trump’s allegedly illegal activities listed in the federal indictment against the former President.

Namely, the Trump employee helped move the boxes of classified documents from one location to another, while also potentially being privy to conversations between Trump and his alleged co-conspirators, property manager Carlos De Oliveira and bodyguard Walt Nauta.

So what’s the big deal? Only that Trump kept in touch with the former staffer, who left his post about three months after the initial FBI raid. He hasn’t been named in the criminal indictments so far, but it’s clear that Trump and co.’s alleged phone calls to the ex-employee could help outline a web of deceit around the questions of who knew what when. The staffer explained that in one phone call, he was offered his job back, while in another, he was invited to a Trump golf tournament and allegedly told to drop his lawyer for one of those in the Trump wheelhouse.

These don’t constitute threats, but they do feel like some pretty tricky persuasive tactics to keep the ex-staffer from spilling what he knows.

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