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Trump’s shenanigans have his lawyers saying “I don’t know her”

A Georgia racketeering trial has two of Trump’s lawyers running for cover as the one-term President’s re-election campaign continues to go off the rails.

Rather than serve time (or more realistically, pay hefty fines,) Trump’s ex-lawyers Kenneth Chesebro and Sidney Powell are singing like a pair of goddamn canaries, and boy do they have secrets to spill.

Speaking on this morning’s episode of the New York Times’ “The Daily” podcast, journalist Michael Barbaro speaks to fellow reporter Richard Faussett about the Georgia case. “It’s a racketeering case,” Barbaro explains, “that treats Trump as the leader of a criminal conspiracy.” The two go on to explain that in a case of this type, it’s important to break co-conspirators first to get them to inform on the person being prosecuted. And that’s exactly that’s happening with Powell, Cheseboro, and most recently, ex-Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis.

Last month, a bail bondsman named Scott Hall was the first to plead guilty out of 19 total defendants in the Georgia racketeering case. Now we’re seeing more and more Trump-adjacent figures striking plea deals and spilling everything.

Former Federal Prosecutor Sidney Powell started bringing unhinged “stolen election” theories to the table after Trump’s 2020 loss. Trump, meanwhile, is trying to claim that Powell was never employed as his legal counsel, which…good luck with that.

The Georgia indictment, however, alleges that Powell orchestrated a data breach in Coffee County, Georgia. Now, that alleged breach is key in Powell’s decision to turn on Trump.

As for Kenneth “The Cheese” Cheseboro, he’s being accused of attempting to undermine the integrity of the election by sending pro-Trump electors to Washington in 2020.

Meanwhile, attorney Jenna Ellis just released a tearful guilty plea.

Basically, it’s not looking good for one Donald J. Trump, and that’s great news for everyone.

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