Sen. Susan Collins, a Vital Vote to Confirm Kavanaugh, Was Endorsed by the HRC

· Updated on October 7, 2018

As you reflect on the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh as the latest United States Supreme Court justice, remember this crucial fact: Sen. Susan Collins, a Republican senator from Maine, was endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign in her last election.

Journalist Randy R. Potts noted the endorsement on Twitter in the wake of Kavanaugh’s confirmation on Saturday. Despite putting out a press release condemning Collins’ vote on Friday, HRC did not see fit to mention that they endorsed her in 2014.

“Senator Susan Collins has played a pivotal role in advancing support for LGBT equality — from her dogged support for the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ to her critical vote for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act last year, to her proud support for marriage equality,” HRC President Chad Griffin wrote at the time. “HRC is proud to stand with Senator Collins, and with allies on both sides of the aisle like her, because she firmly believes that every American should be evaluated based on their abilities, and not who they love.”

This ignored the fact that Collins actually hadn’t publicly supported marriage equality until after the HRC made their endorsement. HRC chose to endorse her, the incumbent, over the Democratic challenger, Shenna Bellows. Bellows, in comparison, was described by The Advocate as “a longtime marriage equality activist.”

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