Stormy Daniels Cancels Appearance After Club Owner Calls Her Assistant a ‘F*cking F*ggot’

On Saturday, adult film star Stormy Daniels cancelled an appearance at a Florida strip club after she said the owner called her assistant a “fucking faggot.”

Daniels is best known for her ongoing legal challenges to President Donald Trump over a nondisclosure agreement she signed to secure her silence over an affair she had with the president in 2006. But the porn star has become something of a feminist hero — and now an LGBTQ ally — known for her biting responses to online trolls and Trump supporters.

On Instagram and Twitter Saturday, Daniels posted an explanation saying she would not be appearing at Goldfingers, a sprawling gentlemen’s club in a suburb of Fort Lauderdale. According to Daniels, the club’s owner insisted that the porn star do something that is not in her contract — and hurled the homophobic slur at her assistant when he opposed the request.

“This abuse will not be tolerated,” Daniels posted on Twitter that night.

Instead, Daniels flew to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to participate in a Sunday sex workers’ rights rally with local exotic dancers. At the rally, Daniels and other advocates spoke out against a new statewide age requirement that strippers say has put many out of work.

The Florida strip club where Daniels was set to perform denied her allegations in a separate Instagram post on Saturday, saying the dancer “ruined a great party and disappoint[ed] her fans.”

“We are aware that [Daniels] is saying that an incident happened but it didn’t,” said Goldfinger management in comments added to the Saturday post. “She was unhappy with some of the facility spacing and decided not to fulfill her contract.”

In another comment, Goldfinger management specifically denied the slur was ever used.

“Ms. Daniels was upset about something and to save face fabricated the incident,” wrote the club. “We do not use homophobic remarks nor do we endorse their use.”

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