Why Does Alex Jones Know So Much About Bathhouses?

· Updated on October 30, 2018

Alex Jones doesn’t know much about the world. He thinks chemicals in the water are turning the world’s frog population into a bunch of flaming froggots. He doesn’t know anything about HIV exposure science. But, apparently, he does know about bathhouses.

In a tense exchange with Rubio, where Jones bugged the Florida senator and press trying to interview him, Jones repeatedly insulted Rubio, who looked at Jones like a strange, gravelly-voiced gadfly.

While Rubio tried to thwack Jones away, Jones grew only madder and began to insult him on a personal level calling him a “little frat boy” and even physically touching the senator, prompting Rubio to ask Jones to be a little more hands off.

As Rubio walked away, he called Jones a “clown” to which Jones responded: “Look at this little frat boy, he’s so cool. Go back to your bathhouse. There goes Rubio, little punk.”

Putting aside the fact that “punk” is historically a phrase aimed toward rough trade gay men, how is it that Jones knows about bathhouses? Like, I think if I went to the average straight, uber-conservative adult and asked them about bathhouses, they’d envision soap and bubbles, not jockstraps and rented rooms.

Of course, guessing that Jones secretly embraces that which he pretends disgusts him isn’t a stretch. Despite years of transphobic rhetoric, Jones was recently caught watching porn starring trans actresses on a live broadcast of his phone.  

This also isn’t the first time that Rubio has been publicly associated with queer culture. During his run for president, Rubio faced rumors that he spent the better part of the 1990s at Miami gay foam parties.

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