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Some 4/20 Tweets That Will Get You In the ~Mood

Friends, it’s the best day of the year—sort of. If you’re a fan of the GANGA, 4/20 is literally every day. How else are we supposed to get through this tortured life? Me, I haven’t the slightest idea. 

But since 4/20 is a day when we stoners can live loud and proud (basically our version of Pride), we’re taking it upon ourselves to celebrate in style: with tweets! In the words of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: You’re welcome. 

Let’s start things off on a classy note:

Transitioning to ~sexy:

Never forget:

Happy 4/20 from the Internet’s favorite bf/twink:

…and everyone’s favorite queer stoner GF:

Just because you’re a dedicated stoner doesn’t mean you can’t be wholesome about it:

As long as we can run away from the underlying issues, things are chill:

The girls agree:

So do the boys:

Andreas, WHO is minding the children??

Living our best life over here:

And let’s not forget:

Stoner Jews, assemble!

And to all you first timers out there, ENJOY:

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