5 Black LGBTQ+ content creators you should know

· Updated on February 7, 2024

Content creators understand that social media is a universal tool to share information, to create community, and most of all, to entertain. Whether they’re discussing the latest beef on X, streaming game play on Twitch, or causing many to stay up too late from scrolling through TikTok videos, content creators are changing the way we engage with the world wide web with each click of the subscribe button. These Black LGBTQ+ content creators are no different.

So here are 5 Black LGBTQ+ content creators that we think deserve all eyes on them.

Antonio “TonyTalks” Baldwin

If you need a laugh or wig inspo, look no further than content creator Antonio Baldwin aka TonyTalks. From the characters, to the banter, to, again, the wigs, TonyTalks has been making fans ROFL for a while now. He also has a Queerty award for “Fav Insta-Follow” for a reason, and now he’s trying to make it two for his latest nomination in the “Webseries” category.

Terrell Grice

A singer-turned-content creator, Terrell Grice’s The Terrell Show wants fans to expect the unexpected. Boasting 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube, Grice has been entertaining fans with his informal interview style, leaving fans and guests LOLing. Grice, who’s also a Queerty nominee, has had Mean Girl’s Reneé Rapp, self-proclaimed “millennial diva” Keke Palmer, and all, but one member of Destiny’s Child on his show. There’s still hope for Queen Bey to appear next season. 

Amber “AmbersCloset” Whittington

Amber Whittington aka AmbersCloset, keeps her followers engaged and informed with hilarious videos. What started as a mission to “empower everyone through positivity, self love, and self confidence,” has expanded into a full-fledged social media movement. Do we need more Black sapphic content? The answer is always “yes.”

Dev Doee

Dev Doee keeps their followers yearning for more of their fashion and beauty content. A model, drag artist, and creative director, followers can catch the Glam Award-winning multi-hyphenate’s sickening performances online, like when they opened for Chappell Roan. Dev is on a mission to humanize Black trans women through art and she’s unapologetic in doing so.



Shoutout to all the bi and pan creators out there! #bi #pan #lgbtq #lgbt🌈 #lgbt #queer #gay #fypシ #xyzbca

♬ original sound – Blizz

All “gaymers” should check out Blizzb3ar. A producer for Rooster Teeth and the host of Inside Gaming, Blizzb3ear mixes a love for video games, anime, and cosplay to create content that’s sure to speak to any “gaymer.” Not to mention, he brings plenty of aromantic and bisexual representation to gaming.

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