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Anti-Trans Conservatives are Mad Over “Woke” Packing Tape

It’s not difficult to get anti-trans “activists” mad these days. All you have to do is literally exist on the Internet (or in some cases, IRL) and you’ll find yourself at the center of a horrifying sh*tstorm.

To prove this point, somehow Amazon has now come under fire for using packing tape with an image of the Progress flag to package goods.

Now obviously there are a few things of note here: the first is that no one is forcing you to support In fact, Bezos doesn’t need your support, random packing tape man! He’s doing fine. The other is that if you’re upset over the way your mail is packaged, it’s maybe time to get some bigger priorities. The world is on fire, people.

The flags can’t hurt you…unless you’re an idiot.

Honestly, great question.

It’s just tape dude.

Brb, getting transed by some tape real quick.

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