Canadian Couple Paralyzed at the Thought of Having to Interact with Trans Server

Who is Gad Saad? Someone who is clearly troubled by this horrible TREND of trans people having jobs!

A few days ago, Canadian psychologist Gad Saad tweeted a seemingly harmless thread about how he and his wife, while dining in a cafe, wanted to approach the transgender waitress to order. But lo! Saad’s wife was “frozen in fear” that she would use the wrong pronouns for the server. This, according to Saad, is why pronoun discourse is toxic.

I mean…interesting takeaway, but no. As many have since pointed out, it’s not necessary to use pronouns in many circumstances, even if Saad and wife were speaking French. For instance:

Let’s also remember that Saad and his wife are MOST definitely not the victims here. Think it’s hard ordering coffee from a trans waitress? Have you considered, um, BEING the trans server in question?

Oh but look! Saad has replied!

I guess not wanting to offend is now a measure of offense. Wow, what a world! Except that it’s totally fine to not want to offend someone, as long as you maybe keep your thoughts to yourself and don’t blast your ignorance all over the Internet.

It just never ends, does it?

If we’re being honest, here’s the real takeaway:

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