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Equinox’s prices just went viral for a very gay reason

Equinox is a notoriously expensive (and notoriously queer) gym, but what exactly does a membership entail? The gay internet’s imagination is running wild after a post about the gym’s prices went viral, making folks wonder what could be worth dropping hundreds of dollars a month.

The discourse started when an X user named Buck posted a screenshot of a payment notification, writing, “Every time I get this notification I feel like I’ve been electrocuted.” That reaction is warranted: Buck is apparently paying $315 dollars every month for his Equinox membership (which is not even the gym’s most expensive subscription).

Naturally, people unfamiliar with Equinox were flabbergasted at the high price point. Sure, it’s a luxury gym, but still, what could possibly warrant such a wild price difference from other gym memberships?

Buck himself chimed in to explain, citing opportunities for “networking,” the gym’s “amenities,” and the “potential to forge lasting friendships with neighbors mostly.” 

On paper, those amenities include spa services, eucalyptus steam rooms, and various fitness studios depending on location. But given Equinox’s stereotypically queer clientele, other folks thought Buck was disguising what could be the real benefit of the membership: a fabulous cruising spot.

That’s contrary to Equinox’s official rules, which say that “inappropriate activity of any kind” will get you kicked from the club — but one user on X did report getting a kiss from a gym crush right outside an Equinox’s doors. It might not be cruising in the traditional sense, but a win is a win!

Meanwhile, Buck’s original turn of phrase became a trend on its own, with folks saying they felt “electrocuted” by outlandish notifications for things like Wendy’s, Grindr, and — in keeping with the cruising theme — Sniffies.

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