"I'm in my mum's car"

A classic Vine video from ten years ago goes viral but with a trans twist

Vine is no longer sadly a thing but many of us have fond memories of the video-sharing platform from its heyday.

Ten years ago, one video from an individual in Yorkshire, England went viral. The person concerned posted an innocuous clip of themselves sitting in their mom’s car, pretending to drive it.

In a strong Yorkshire accent, they say, “I’m in my mum’s car, b’room b’room!”

It cuts to a clip of said mom telling them to get out of the car.

For whatever random reason, the playful clip went viral.

Now, ten years later, the creator of that video has posted a tenth anniversary recreation. It’s gone viral again—however, this time with a trans twist. The video maker, Tristan Simmonds, is now an out and proud trans man. He uses his social media to document his trans journey (he’s been on testosterone for the last year).

Although wearing the same red T-shirt, he now looks quite different.

Here’s the original, which Simmonds posted again last week to remind everyone.

@tristansimmondsofficial 10 year anniversary #fyp #featureme #laughs #meme ♬ original sound – Tristan Simmonds

And here was the tenth anniversary posting. It garnered a whopping 17.8 million views over the weekend.

@tristansimmondsofficial 10 years anniversary of the meme #fyp #featureme #meme #trend #fun ♬ original sound – Tristan Simmonds

The video ends with ‘The next generation’. It features Simmonds’ young niece recreating the video and saying “I’m in my uncle’s car, b’room b’room”.

The videos also went viral when shared on X, notching up almost a quarter of a million likes on one pop culture account alone (also reshared by Simmonds).

In a subsequent TikTok, Simmonds thanked everyone for their messages. Heartwarmingly, the vast majority of commentators were positive and supportive. However, Simmonds also said that after producing other anniversary videos over the last ten years, this would be the last one.

@tristansimmondsofficial Thank you so much for love &support appreciate The era is over but it will never be forgotten time to move on live my life for who i am #trend #featureme #fyp #transman #mylife ##hardjourney##sad ♬ original sound – Tristan Simmonds

To drive the point home (no pun intended), he also posted a video officially burying the old Vine video for once and all (warning: it contains footage of a real car accident)

@tristansimmondsofficial Time to say Goodbye 👋🏻 #fyp #featureme #meme #trend #goodbye ♬ Very Sad – Enchan

Simmonds is not the only viral Vine video creator to come out as trans. In fact, another related social media posting went viral by asking, “Were there any cis people on Vine?”

Since going viral on Vine all those years ago, Simmonds has established a large following with his TikTok videos, many of which explore his experiences as a trans man. INTO has reached out to him for further comment.

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