Gays are sharing the craziest come-ons from men and the result is breathtaking

Being hit on is a wild experience. Sometimes it’s just what you want, and exactly what you need. Other times it leaves something to be desired. And still other times it leaves you wondering whether you should alert the CIA. There are some real weirdos out there, folks, and I don’t mean the fun kind.

When the singer/songwriter (and prominent Twitter user) Chant God asked people to name the wildest experiences they’ve had getting hit on by men, it took no time at all for gays to start sounding off in the quote tweets. Men are truly ready to try anything in the pursuit of some b*ssy, including catch COVID and see Hair on Broadway.

The responses were varied, of course: some attempts at flirtation were downright rude, some were crude, and some were, not unsurprisingly, super racist and sh*tty. One thing is for certain: when it comes to getting laid, call men John Cusack, because they will truly Say Anything.

Let’s start with the silly ones:

This Grindr user really did a fantastic job of killing the mood:

This one really took us on a journey…

Some gentlemen are charmingly blunt…

While others are…just racist.

Some men throw caution to the wind…

While others are simply out of pocket.

But at least there’s only one Connor. We think

Another exhausting day on the Internet.

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