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How Troye Sivan seduced Ross Lynch

Troye Sivan’s latest album, Something to Give Each Other, is full of pure queer love, longing, and lust. And thanks to its accompanying singles, Troye’s name stays within queer discourse online. 

Queers and straight folks alike felt the “Rush” when Troye gave us an ode to embracing queer hedonism (and poppers). Then we all tried to learn the choreography to “Got Me Started,” which definitely gives Janet Jackson “Doesn’t Really Matter” vibes

Now, with his latest single “One of Your Girls” out, we’re all mesmerized by Troye in drag and how he seemingly seduces the music video’s straight boy eye candy Ross Lynch. But thanks to Troye’s latest TikTok, we get a behind the scenes look at how to snag a man a la Troye. 


@ross_lynch say what u want and I’ll keep it a secret

♬ original sound – EJ Marcus

In the video, Troye and Ross stand side by side, while a narrator gives advice on how to flirt. 

“Beckon him just like that,” the voice says, while Troye uses his finger to call upon Ross. “Whisper something into his ear that’s not words.”

Are you taking notes yet?

While Troye’s proceeds to whisper into Ross’ ear, the narrator recommends that whatever you say, just make sure that it’s phlegmy. Actually, they say, “the ‘phlegmier,’ the better.”

Next, you have to “push him away” and then say, “get out of here,” as recommended by the narrator and demonstrated by Troye. 

So, what’s the final step in this grand scheme? 

“Get serious.”

And if you’d like, strike a fierce pose in the same vein as Troye. 

While results may vary, it seemed to have worked well for Troye. Don’t blame us (or Troye) if you end up with a bevy of enamored straight boys. 

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