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Isaiah Rashad’s Sex Tape Outed Him, But The Hip-Hop Community Doesn’t Care

Having your sex tape leaked is a horrible invasion of privacy. But for rapper Isaiah Rashad, it also exposed his sexuality.

On February 9, videos of Rashad giving and receiving oral sex with other men were spread on Twitter. The hip-hop community doesn’t have the best track record with homophobia — see DaBaby’s ignorant comments on AIDS or Megan Thee Stallion’s rallying cry for a more accepting industry — but in this case, fans and other artists alike stood by Rashad through this difficult moment.

“My heart goes out to Isaiah Rashad,” wrote one Twitter user. “He has been through a lot these past few years and the last thing he needs is an absurd invasion of privacy. No one deserves to be exposed against their wishes.”

“I hope Isaiah Rashad is well,” wrote another. “As a consumer/fan of his music, he’s been very vocal in his lyrics about suicide, self-harm and his battles with depression. These things aren’t considered in outing-culture though — only the thrill of catching and/or spilling someone else tea.”

Other fans expressed disgust at whoever leaked the video in the first place — it’s never okay to share someone else’s sexual content, but the added layer of outing is especially despicable. 

Established figures in the hip-hop industry also made their support clear. Crunk rapper Duke Deuce tweeted, “Another man’s preference ain’t got shit to do with me nor anyone else. Isaiah Rashad you a great mf artist keep your head up brother. CRUNKSTARZ dgaf what others think of them.”

CJ Fly, rapper and producer from the hip-hop collective Pro Era, wrote that he still has Rashad’s back.

“No Isaiah Rashad slander on my timeline,” Fly tweeted. “Sending bro love and supporting him no matter what.”

And The Cool Kids’ Chuck Inglish sent love not just to Rashad, but to the community as a whole for standing by him.

“Seeing the Timeline not switch up on Isaiah was a moment in time,” he tweeted. “A testament to him as a person.”

Rashad himself has yet to comment on the situation, but hopefully this outpouring of support is a sign that the hip-hop industry is changing for the better.

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