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Marjorie Taylor Greene Just Said Pride Month “Needs to End”

Yesterday, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed that straight people were in danger of going “extinct.”

Now you’d think it would be impossible to top that amazing statement, but it’s June 1st, which means that the homophobia is just beginning. This morning, Greene tweeted the following:

Let’s break it down: we only have one veterans day, to honor the dead. And because Pride lasts for an entire month and celebrates the living, we should…stop…celebrating? The logic here is baffling, but that’s no surprise: this is MTG we’re talking about. MTG is Mariah Carey and logic is JLo…the two have not met. Even more startling, however, is the claim that the queer movement’s “goals were achieved.” I mean…what goals? Equality on the level of housing, healthcare, and basic rights? The right to not be targeted, harassed, removed from your family and forced to detransition, a very real threat that trans kids in Texas and Alabama are facing right now? The right to play on your school sports team? The right to have your bodily autonomy not get taken away? No babe. We’re still fighting for those things. Of course, the people were instantly not having it. One commenter pointed out that May is Military Appreciation Month, so the argument has already fallen flat on its feet. Another posted the hilarious U.S. Marines pride month tweet in response:

Another poster summed things up perfectly:

Obviously if the movement’s goals were achieved, we wouldn’t be subjected to this lady’s cold takes every five minutes.

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