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A lesbian tweet about John Cena’s appearance at the Oscars has the internet LOL’ing

Yesterday’s Oscars ceremony threw up a wealth of memorable moments. One of the most viral was wrestler-turned-actor John Cena presenting the award for costume design.

Host Jimmy Kimmel first reminded audiences about a moment from Oscars history in 1974 when a man streaked across the stage. He set up a gag for John Cena to do the same, except the actor balked at the idea of going through with it.

However, he did step out on the stage, seemingly without any clothes, with an Oscar winner’s envelope to cover his crotch.

When he announced the video to show the nominees for ‘Costume Design’, stage assistants took advantage of a blackout to quickly dress him. Cena then presented the award to Holly Waddington for her work on Poor Things.

Watch below.

Unsurprisingly, Cena’s body prompted a storm of comments on social media. It included this viral tweet from lesbian comic Dana Goldberg. She pointed out that while straight women and gay men would appreciate Cena’s body, lesbians would zoom in on his sandals.

The tweet prompted several straight men to say they’d also been impressed by Cena’s body.

Bisexual women joked they’d been attracted to both the body and the footwear.

And lesbians agreed, yes, they’d noticed the Birkenstocks. But also the body.

It would be nice if everyone saw the humor in Cena’s appearance at the Oscars. However, some people despise Hollywood so much that they don’t want us to have nice things. Some MAGA diehards said Cena’s appearance was another example of the emasculation of men.

Oh boy.

The Oscars offered many queer highlights. We also loved Kate McKinnon joking about thinking Jurassic Park was a documentary and sending her “tasteful nudes” to Steven Spielberg.

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