Not-So-Safe Space

A viral post says Grindr is for everybody and the memes are flying

When you think of Grindr, what adjectives come to mind? Maybe “vulgar,” “depraved,” or “NSFW” — but odds are, “welcoming” and “inclusive” didn’t make your list.

That’s not the case for one user on X, formerly Twitter, who went viral for his controversial (or naive) take on the notorious hookup app.

“GRINDR IS FOR ALL LGBTQIA+ PEOPLE,” wrote @mushycrouton, aka Sam. “How many more times does this need to be said? Everyone is welcome on the app. It isn’t just for dating.”

Technically, Sam is right. Anyone can download Grindr, and the app itself says it’s for “gay, bi, trans, and queer people,” per its bio on X. Plenty of trans people of all genders are already on the app, and it has options to say if you’re only looking for friends, too. But that doesn’t mean the rest of the queer community would have a good time if they hopped onto Grindr in its current state — a fact the rest of X was quick to point out to Sam.

For example, if an asexual person were to log onto Grindr, they may not be a fan of the rampant unsolicited nudes. And a lesbian may be disappointed to find that almost everyone on the app is a gay dude. For Grindr to truly be inclusive of the entire queer community, it would need a complete overhaul.

Meanwhile, the gays who already are on Grindr know that it’s not an experience we’d want for our friends. Shady, dangerous hookups, rampant racism and insults, and a pervasive feeling of superficiality don’t exactly make for a queer safe space.

Even Sam’s claim that Grindr “isn’t just for dating” had folks scratching their heads. Sure, you can find dates on Grindr, but that certainly isn’t the first use that comes to mind.

Long story short, Grindr simply isn’t the queer-inclusive paradise Sam is painting it as. To the letters of the LGBTQ+ acronym that don’t have to deal with it: consider yourself lucky, and stay far, far away.

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