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Billboard defaced with anti-gay graffiti goes viral for the most defiant of reasons

A billboard for an HIV healthcare provider was recently defaced with homophobic language. The billboard showed two men hugging against a background with giant lettering saying ‘Thriving’. Underneath, someone scrawled the words ‘F*gg*t b*tch”. 

However, an image of the damaged billboard has gone viral online for the most defiant of reasons. 

X user @Tr3_GK shared a photo of the defaced billboard and said, ““Thriving f@66ot b*tch” kinda eats. Like that’s the vibe this summer. TFB!”

TFB is an abbreviation for ‘Too F*cking Bad”. 

The tweet, posted over the weekend, has had over 66k likes. The image was apparently snapped in Atlanta. Others shared images of the same defaced billboard.

Many agreed it was a new, rallying motto.

Others are already wanting it to be turned into an anthem.

The overall reaction was A) Are bigots still doing this in 2024? And b) Do they think it will intimidate us? 

INTO reached out to @Tr3_GK about his viral tweet. 

“I was at first surprised it went viral but that faded as I saw the sentiment around the tweet,” he responded. 

“Queer and black people continually have to reclaim words or phrases that are meant to harm or embarrass us. Seeing everyone quickly rally behind it reminded me that it’s much harder to oppress either community.”

He said he saw someone else post the image “with a sad caption and I thought ‘that sucks but there’s something else to be said here’ and that’s where my caption came from!”

INTO has reached out to AHF Healthcare, which offers HIV clinics in several states across the US, for comment on its defaced billboard.

A spokesperson replied, “The way the online LGBTQ+ community has neutralized hate speech with love and positivity and by using humor is beautiful. It shows the power of standing together against hate. It also shows why we need more representation of people thriving with HIV. It’s how we shatter the stigma and fear around getting tested and treated.

“Once someone’s viral load is undetectable, they can’t transmit the virus, and in the absence of a vaccine or cure, this is how we win the fight against HIV and AIDS.”

They also said AHF is “in the process of replacing the billboard.”

This story was updated to include a comment from AHF.

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