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This unknown singer just became a gay icon overnight

2024 is already shaping up to be a legendary year for music, with gay icons like Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift all on the verge of releasing new albums. But in the blink of an eye, a new challenger has entered the ring: Julie Ragbeer.

If you’re wondering who Julie Ragbeer is, you’re not alone. She’s virtually unknown, with less than a thousand monthly listeners on Spotify — or, she was virtually unknown, until a viral post thrust her into the spotlight.

On X, formerly Twitter, pop culture account Pop Tingz posted a promo for Ragbeer’s album Perplex, writing, “Julie Ragbeer reminisces with her 19 year old experiences in her new debut album.”

The post struck many as odd, both for its poor grammar and its promotion of a non-celebrity: Pop Tingz normally only reports on big name stars. Then there’s the fact that Perplex is hardly a “new debut album.” It’s actually almost a year old, having come out in July, 2023.

It all led folks to believe that Ragbeer herself must have paid Pop Tingz for the promotion — and it’s already paid off big time.

Curiosity and ironic interest led people to stream Ragbeer’s music en masse, and whether it’s for the meme or a genuine love for her … unique sound, she’s taken gay culture by storm.

Ragbeer’s album is bizarre, to say the least. Songs include “Mary Whiton Calkins,” an ode to an obscure American philosopher; “Fight Against Your Fleshy Lusts,” an abstinence anthem; and “Older Guys,” a track about, well, older guys. (That one also got the music video treatment — check it out.)

Despite Ragbeer’s questionable lyrics and vocal stylings, the gays are obsessed.

She’s even earned her own stan account, Julie Ragbeer Charts.

Rest assured: Ragbeer herself loves the gays right back. “I love the gays,” she posted in response to a fan. “Always had, always will.”

Ragbeer’s music may be rough, but it has the foundations of genuinely good indie pop. Who knows? Maybe Ragbeer will truly be the next big thing. No matter what, we stan.

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