The Name Game

Your next stop for name ideas is…the hardware store?

Choosing a new name when you transition is no easy feat — but trans influencer Flint just made a discovery that could simplify the whole process. 

In a new TikTok, Flint demonstrated why a place like Lowe’s might be “your one stop shop for grab-and-go ready-to-wear identities,” as per his caption. In the video, he shows off a number of paint swatches “that sound like trans people” he knows, and the comments section had no shortage of opinions on the veritable baby name list on display.

Some of the shade names are more classically beautiful, like Cascadia, which one commenter called “gorgeous,” and Umbra, which caught another by surprise: “I was not expecting to see my name,” they wrote.

Withered Moss is pretty too — assuming you drop the “withered.” But it might already be a tad too popular: “Before the colors even showed up I was like ‘moss’ and boom. Moss,” one person wrote.

Meanwhile, Dylan Velvet sounds like a playboy, and Divot like a real heartbreaker.

“I can only imagine Divot’s backstory,” one commenter wrote, and another chimed in that they bet Divot “bakes the best bread.”

Some other names are a little more out there, but could still be perfect for a drag persona if not for day-to-day life. Hobgoblin, Tinsel Beam, Tweed Jacket, and Will o’ the Wisp all sound like they’d give great performances!

Whether folks are shopping for paint or shopping for new handles, all of Flint’s selections are apparently hits. “I’m not even kidding I literally painted my fireplace with Hobgoblin TODAY and the name sold me,” wrote one commenter. Let it be a lesson to paint manufacturers: the more versatile the name, the better your sales will be.

Flint recently went through a new name discovery process of his own — but he was looking for a new last name, not a new first name. After going by only his first name for years, Flint and his partner Xilo sought out a new last name together, and a week ago, they tied the knot and became the Del Sols. Whether it’s for a joke on TikTok or a major life decision, Flint’s proved he’s pretty much mastered the name game. 

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