Idiots of TikTok

Watch Chaya Raichik hilariously struggle to justify her anti-trans stance in this interview

For one person, Chaya Raichik has done so much damage, leading online hate mobs against ordinary queer people and inspiring bomb threats on hospitals and libraries. And after all that, the Libs of TikTok founder seems to have met her match: straightforward questions.

In a now viral interview, Raichik sat down with the Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz, the same journalist who revealed her identity as the Libs of TikTok owner back in 2022. While she showed up hoping to troll her interviewer, wearing a t-shirt of Lorenz crying, Raichik was one serving cringe through the entirety of the 53-minute video.

The interview comes shortly after Raichik’s appointment to the Oklahoma Library Media Advisory Committee, a state that she has only visited once. The appointment has ignited outrage particularly after Oklahoma nonbinary teenager Nex Benedict died following a fight in a girl’s bathroom and months of bullying.

First, Lorenz inquired into Raichik’s background and where her focus on the LGBTQ+ community began. “I know you grew up in a sort of a more conservative community,” Lorenz said. “Did you know any LGBTQ people growing up? What was your exposure to that community?”

“I never really paid attention to it,” Raichik answered. Instead, she learned about the LGBTQ+ community through the kind of online content she now peddles.

During one particularly awkward exchange, Lorenz pressed Raichik over her antagonism towards trans people. “If you eradicate ‘transgenderism,’ which I believe you suggested in a post today—”

“I never said that,” Raichik interrupted.

“Oh ok, you reposted a post that was advocating for that,” Lorenz continued. “What would happen to the people that have already medically, socially, completely transitioned and are leading happy lives?”

“Well, uh, the whole trans—it’s based on a lie,” Raichik said. “You can’t change your gender. They can go live their life, I mean, I can’t tell someone what to do in their house.”

“It sounds like you do want to tell people what to do in their house,” Lorenz pressed.

“I never said that,” Raichik said again.

“So you’re totally OK with people being trans, just not as long as they’re in public?” Lorenz said.

“No, I never said that,” Raichik repeated. “They could… It’s… The whole thing is based off of a lie and I think that… Um, the fact… This lie cannot be mainstream in our, in our society. It’s just… It’s a lie.”

The breakdown in articulate reasoning would be painful to watch if it was literally anyone else.

Elsewhere in the interview, Raichik (a Jewish woman) endorsed the white nationalist “Great Replacement theory,” saying that “not all cultures are equal” and showed Lorenz a depiction of a blowjob that she claimed was being shown in elementary schools.

All in all, there is something both satisfying and horrifying in seeing how little thought-out many of Raichik’s stances appear.

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