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Here’s why trans folks think Trump lackey John McEntee is trying to tell us something

If you’re not familiar with John McEntee, allow me to paint a picture. A Trump lackey and one of the key figures in both the January 6th insurrection and Project 2025, McEntee—also known as the “Date Right” guy on TikTok, where he posts videos loosely related to the conservative dating app he co-created—has been showing up on many an FYP this year thanks to his rage-baiting content. Usually we can find McEntee—or Freddy Fazbear, as younger users have dubbed him due to his uncanny resemblance to the evil animatronic at the heart of “Five Nights at Freddy’s”—eating some kind of carb-heavy meal while talking to the camera about how much he hates transgender people, queer people, and all varieties of “wokeness.”

Basically, he’s a conservative clown, and we’re seeing quite a lot of them these days as we ramp up to a horrifying election season.


You can read more on the project 2025 and John McEntee wikipedia pages, its all there in the open. #icecream #restaurant #dating #marriedlife #pearlmania500 #hbomax #wtf #podcast #datenight He doesnt hide any of this, and has said it on multiple podcasts and interviews.

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But while McEntee often uses his platform to rant and rave about how he thinks trans people are crazy, a recent video has us thinking that there’s maybe something more personal about these attacks.

For instance—why does this man constantly feel the need to do first-person skits in which he claims “I think I’m a woman,” or “I feel like a woman?”

Perhaps there’s a long-buried truth somewhere deep down that he’s trying to suppress…

After a recent video in which McEntee once again felt the need to cosplay as a trans woman, actual trans folks started showing up in the comment section congratulating babygirl for coming out.

“omg I love you girl,” “you’re so pretty!” and “I’m so proud of you for coming out. You’re my favorite girl! 💕💕💕” are just a few of the trolltastic comments trans folks are leaving underneath the original video in which McEntee compares trans identity to believing in “fairy tales.”


You believe in fairy tales? #fyp credit: Rothmus on X

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The chants of “ONE OF US, ONE OF US” are strong in the comments, and it doesn’t show signs of stopping.

But let’s get one thing quite clear: even if this guy did decide to come out, it would take a lot more than that to gain our trust. For now, we’re content to drag this man to hell and back until he gets it through his skull that the Blåhaj army is not about to leave him alone any time soon.

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