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This Oppenheimer Meme Just Created an Unexpected Gay Icon

Oppenheimer has been playing in theaters for a mere week, and it’s already legendary. Have I seen it? No. Am I planning to? Absolutely not! But there’s one thing I do care about in relation to the box office smash: the memes.

And let’s be quite clear: the memes are good. We’re talking top-tier. We’re talking spit-take. Especially those concerned with building up the fledgling hypothesis that Albert Einstein (played by Tom Conti in the film) was absolutely head over heels gay for the destroyer of worlds himself.

Perhaps the film didn’t set out to tell a meme-ified love story, but that’s absolutely what it’s become online.

Now in reality, Einstein, who did have a track record of supporting gay rights, was probably 100% heterosexual. But will that stop anyone from shipping Oppenstein? Of course not. How dare you even suggest it!

To make matters even sillier, a certain cheesecake shot of the famous scientist is making the rounds, accompanied by various Lana Del Rey lyrics.

That tiny flash of thigh, the sandals…it’s giving “Venice Bitch.”

Fellas, is it gay to cross your legs for a photo? The Internet says yes.

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