This TikTok features maybe the funniest, messiest gay hookup ever

TikTok is a glorious place if you’re looking for gay mess. And let’s be real…when are we not looking for gay mess? The answer is never.

Yesterday, a British twink and (Timothee Chalamet lookalike) with the ingenious handle @Charliebcx decided to film a TikTok whilst leaving his French hookup’s home. He was feeling himself, and wanted to post about his d*ck appointment’s lush digs, especially a staircase that was giving “medieval vibes.”

It wasn’t just giving medieval vibes, however: it was giving recognizable vibes. The next image in the video is a screenshot of a WhatsApp convo between him and his hookup—who managed to find the video presumably after it quickly went viral on GayTok. Needless to say, the man known only as “Le Marais (thick)” was not pleased.

Obviously, everything about this video is iconic: the soundtrack, the editing, the staircase dance itself…quite frankly it’s giving Death Becomes Her, it’s giving Call Me By Your Name, it’s giving Duke of Burgundy.

This bit of drama might not be Le Marais Thick’s cup of tea, but it’s certainly ours. Keep that messy content coming, Charlie.

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