This viral post proves how transitioning can save lives

When trans comedian Stacy Cay posted a simple selfie, she likely had no plans to pen a viral post that’s half heartwarming story, half brutal clapback. And yet, that’s what happened, thanks to Cay’s vulnerability and a transphobe’s willful misunderstanding.

The back-and-forth began when Cay posted a picture of herself pre-transition on X, along with a recent photo of herself.

Though Cay’s selfie received loads of (well-deserved) compliments, it also attracted attention from the conservative side of the app, including one user going by Liam Brunetti. For some reason, Brunetti took it upon themself to critique Stacy’s body language in the two pictures, and decided that she must have been happier before transitioning.

“The authentic ‘you’, Stacy, is on the left,” Brunetti wrote. “I don’t even need to have met you to know that. You’ve killed him.”

Cay had every right to respond with anger, but instead she took the chance to share the story of her transition and what it did for her mental health.

“The ‘guy’ on the left was so depressed he had trouble getting out of bed every day,” Cay began. “He’d get drunk every night because he didn’t want to be alive anymore. He knew he was a girl since he was a toddler, but also knew family would disown him if they knew.”

“But one day she took agency over her own life and decided to live authentically, rather than fulfill the gender role expected of her by society,” she continued. “Rather than kill herself she decided to try hormones and see if it made her feel better. It did. Within a few days her will to live returned.”

“And today, despite being disowned by her entire family and everyone she ever knew, despite intense discrimination, and despite constant harassment and hatred from people like you, she’s happier than she’s ever been,” Cay wrote.

“I didn’t kill anyone. I saved her life.”

Cay’s story immediately resonated with trans folks and allies alike, who thanked her for being so open, sharing her truth, and coining that powerful final phrase. Her post now has nearly 140 thousands likes.

Cay, meanwhile, is thriving in her comedy and modeling careers, with hundreds of thousands of followers across platforms. Clearly, no matter what people like Brunetti may think, she’s living her best life.


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