Come Again?

A TERF Literally Fingered a Corpse to “Prove” a Transphobic Point About Genitals

What’s going on in today’s three-ring circus of gay Internet bullsh*t? Pussy phrenology. You heard me: don’t act like you didn’t.

Now you’re probably asking yourself, “what on earth is p*ssy phrenology” and “who the hell is the p*ssy phrenology lady?” I’m going to try to answer those heady questions as best I can.

First of all, her name is Jessica Pin, and she’s a TERF, and she’s convinced that there is a difference between trans labias and cis labias (there isn’t) and that this is an important difference that people need to know about. She started by lecturing adult actress Electra Rayne about her own vuvular makeup, and things got more unhinged from there.

She’s saying that she just wants women to feel like their vaginas aren’t “weird” or “gross,” which would be a wonderful aim, if it didn’t come at the expense of trans women and their personhood.

The drama began when Pin encountered a video created to show vulva diversity: as in, the reality that every vulva, trans and cis, is unique in its own way. But Pin saw some trans neo-vaginas on there and got pissed. Because they looked, as she explains, “mutilated.”

What she’s doing, as one user explained, is trying to apply the racist 19th-century non-science of phrenology—literally measuring skull bumps and sh*t to determine “character”—to vaginas. And why? Because she’s a TERF, that’s why. Nevermind the fact that she’s had vaginoplasty herself.

That’s not all: Pin has a history of attacking Black OBGYNs on TikTok. It seems that Pin, Head P*ssy Theorist of America, simply won’t rest until the Internet is cleansed of what she sees as p*ssy disinformation. Brave!

Now a completely different artist is being dragged into it: Pin used casts from sculptor Lydia Reeves in order to make her point, and Reeves, for her part, wants nothing to do with Pin’s TERF theories.

Pin denies that she’s a TERF, yet wants to make it easy for people to know “when they’re in bed with a trans.” Sounds totally normal and not at all terrifyingly violent.

The thing is, when you don’t believe that trans people are real, you’ll go to desperate lengths to prove your thesis.

And those lengths may just take you all the way to your local graveyard.

Because how did the p*ssy phrenology lady come to find these “inherent” differences in vulvas? Well…by, in the words of one incredibly astute user, “fingerblasting a corpse.”

There you have it: Pin, according to her own tweet, fingered a cadaver “when no one was looking.” That’s just how deep her commitment to science goes.

Ladies and gentleman, it is 11am and I am going to bed.

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