Party Bottoms

Andy Cohen described this friend as a “pass-around party bottom”

CNN’s News Years Eve Live was hosted by an iconic trio: Andy Cohen, Anderson Cooper, and a bottle of tequila. Like any good cocktail, the hosts really balance each other out—Cohen’s raunchy humor, Cooper’s innocence and confusion, tequila’s alcohol content. In the chaos that ensued, live TV viewers across the country were treated to many unabashedly gay moments, from Never Have I Ever games to Cooper getting called a “pass around party bottom.”

Last year, CNN banned booze from the celebration after Cohen drunkenly dissed ABC’s rival broadcast. But now tequila’s back on the menu.

Early on in the broadcast, Cohen explained the tradition as a way to connect with viewers who are largely putting the show on in the background. “We’ve been here for seven years doing this, and for most of those years at the top of the hour we typically have a toast,” he said. “I’m hearing from a lot of people asking, ‘Does Daddy get his juice?’”

Cooper, looking perplexed for not the first or last time that evening, said, “Can Daddy get his juice responsibly?” Cohen was too busy retrieving a bottle of tequila to answer.

Hourly shots ensued. As the pair got increasingly drunk over the night, viewers were living for Cooper’s reaction to every shot.

Eventually, the pair played a game of Never Have I Ever with Niel Patrick Harris. “Never have I ever hooked up with a fan,” Cohen initiated.

While Harris thought a little too long about his answer, Cohen added. “Well, I mean, if they’re not a fan, they wouldn’t…” Harris said, “If they weren’t before, they were after. You know what I’m talking about?”

The exchange sent Cooper into the first of many giggle fits. The best giggle fit, in which Cooper had to leave the stage to compose himself, came when John Mayer called in from a cat bar.

In gayer news, Nicki Minaj called in to discuss her New Year’s resolution. “My New Year’s resolution is to keep my foot on these bitches’ necks,” she said.

Cooper was confused in the most pure and innocent way. “Who’s she referring to?” he asked.

“The bitches,” Cohen responded.

Finally, Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers joined the pair on stage. When asked about the most important cultural moment of 2023, Rogers said that it was having Cohen as a guest on their podcast, Las Culturistas. “Anderson, open invitation,” Rogers added. “We’ll pass you around on our podcast.”

“You’ll pass me around?” Cooper said. The phrase reminded him of something (from experience???), but he struggled to get the words out.

“Pass around party bottom,” Cohen said.

We’ll wager that’s the first time that phrase has been said on CNN. Here’s hoping there’s more party bottoms to pass around the airwaves in 2024.

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