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Zendaya has her eye on the balls in new ‘Challengers’ poster

After months of delay following the SAG-AFTRA strike, it looks like Luca Guadagnino’s steamy threesome romance Challengers is back on track. The studio has just unveiled the theatrical poster soon after sharing the updated release date.

Challengers stars Zendaya as Tashi Duncan, a tennis coach heading into a challenger event where her husband Art (Mike Faist) faces off against her former lover Patrick (Josh O’Conner).

With the writer’s strike concluded, Zendaya is free to promote the film, and she kicked off 2024 by sharing the theatrical release poster on her Instagram. “Challengers April 26th,” she wrote. “Wishing you all the most beautiful new year.”

Somewhat reminiscent of the classic Lolita movie poster (a reference we won’t dwell on), Zendaya is shown staring out with a lustful gaze from behind a pair of sunglasses. Reflected in each lens are the two men she is torn between, battling it out on the tennis court.

Viewers are describing the poster as both instantly iconic and peak camp.

“Tashi, a tennis player turned coach, has transformed her husband from a mediocre player into a world-famous grand slam champion,” the official synopsis reads. “To jolt him out of his recent losing streak, she makes him play a challenger event — close to the lowest level of tournament on the pro tour.

“Tensions soon run high when he finds himself standing across the net from the once-promising, now burnt-out Patrick, his former best friend and Tashi’s former boyfriend.”

​​ CHALLENGERS | Official Trailer

That’s a lot of tennis talk. But lest we think the film is all sports drama, the first trailer back in June put the love triangle aspect front and center, setting loins ablaze across the internet. The film is coming from the director of Call Me By Your Name, after all.

Challengers releases in theaters on April 26.

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