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Caitlyn Jenner celebrates the end of Pride Month in typical Caitlyn Jenner fashion

Caitlyn Jenner marked the end of Pride Month earlier this week in the most typical Caitlyn Jenner fashion possible.

Jenner, a vocal supporter of Donald Trump and the wider MAGA movement tweeted, “So glad 🏳️‍🌈 fake virtue signaling ‘month’ is over! We survived another one!

“So sick of this woke world garbage. But why a month? Why a celebration? Just be you and live your life.”

Jenner’s tweet prompted 19k likes and some high-profile support.

X owner Elon Musk, the father of a trans child, responded in agreement. He said, “Yeah, I agree with the philosophy of: just be you and live your life.”

Musk and Jenner seem to have forgotten that it can be tough to “just live your life” if you face persistent discrimination and prejudice.

Disgraced, scandal-hit former Republican Rep. George Santos also felt the need to chime in, saying, “Gurl you’re not kidding!”

Jenner replied, “Right?! It’s insane.”

Although many of Jenner’s followers applauded her blasting Pride Month, many others slammed her.

Engaging with followers, Jenner went on to accuse “the rainbow mafia” of “shoving their agenda down peoples throats.”

When one commentator suggested to Jenner she had been “used” by the “leftist agenda”, Jenner agreed.

“I was used. Served on a platter. Used. Chewed up. And spit out. All I can do is be myself and be a voice of reason and common sense, which I have been consistently doing for years now.”

Coming out and swerving right

Jenner came out as trans in an interview with Diana Sawyer in 2015. She said at the time, “For all intents and purposes, I’m a woman.” Her announcement was met with much press attention. Jenner subsequently featured on the cover of Vanity Fair and revealed her new name, Caitlyn.

Although she initially sought to engage with the wider trans community and advocate for their rights, she began to retreat to a more hard-right view.

A former Olympian, she has consistently spoken out against allowing trans women to compete in women’s sports.

Last year, Jenner announced the launch of a new political action committee, Fairness First. She said its aims were “to fight the radical gender ideology, put parental rights at the forefront of education, and keep boys out of women’s sports.”

In April, Jenner attended a Log Cabin Republican fundraising event at Mar-A-Lago. Melania Trump was the special guest for the gay Republican organization, which is backing Trump in his bid to return to the White House.

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