Grind It Out

Clips of a raunchy women’s fitness class have the sapphics losing their minds

We all know how it goes. We head to yoga class, unroll our mats, start stretching, and prepare for a series of hot, girl-on-girl pelvic thrusts.

Wait…what? Come again?

Strangely enough, when most people think of fitness, sweatily humping your yoga partner isn’t part of the bargain. But in an unpardonably raunchy clip of a workout class from the dubiously-named “Erotraverse Fitness,” that’s exactly what’s happening. And naturally, sapphics are both confused and turned on by the prospect.

The girls are both intrigued and terrified—a dangerous combination!

“Lesbian grinding class,” as it was christened by Jill Gutowitz, is hilariously apt: honestly, what else would you call this, and where exactly would the fitness part come in?

Others are calling it “scissoring class,” and “lesbian training class,” which…I mean yeah.

Somebody call Abdellatif Kechiche and tell him that scissoring absolutely is a thing, and it’s alive and well in whatever strange universe this clip came from.

Whatever’s going on here, nobody’s mad at it.

But people do have some burning questions…

One thing is clear: no one who’s seen this clip will ever be the same again. And that’s a…good thing??

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