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Here are the Most Hilarious Reactions to Those Queer IKEA Couches

IKEA is a wonderful place where people who can’t afford furniture (aka me) can go and buy really confusing pieces of wood that can then be turned into furniture.

It also has meatballs and candy, and is generally a wonderful and hilarious place to spend a day. IKEA is also one of a growing number of brands that have decided, in this year of our Lord 2021, that it’s necessary to make Pride-themed merchandise.  

Today, IKEA Canada woke up and chose violence in the form of their Pride collection Love Seats. Each “seat” is dedicated to a part of the queer community and it’s…terrifying. 

Some people are wondering if the Swedish company has finally gone off the rails:

While others are reading between the lines (cushions?):

Some are just calling it like they see it:

And some of us are ready to give IKEA all our coint:

But the star of the show is clearly the bisexual couch, aka the bisexual erasure couch:

That said, don’t sleep on the trans couch! I mean, you actually could and it would probably be really soft and nice.

And honestly, the nonbinary couch is kind of a vibe and I hate myself for admitting it:

Performance art often begets performance art I guess?

Not gonna lie, this whole experience has both uplifted and traumatized the queer Internet, just in time for Pride’s end.

It’s also questionable whether or not these love seats were actually created by queer designers, or simply “inspired” by them…yikes!

Honestly IKEA, we need one thing and one thing only from you:

Make it happen for Pride 2022.

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