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No, Elon Musk, 4 Year Olds Aren’t Getting HRT

· Updated on March 23, 2023

Tesla founder and almost-Twitter overlord Elon Musk has once more found himself in hot water due to a ridiculous statement.

It was merely a week ago that Musk tried to stir up some sh*t by lending credence to the hilarious “chess player cheats with vibrating anal beads” theory. Clearly the man remains bored, because now he’s trying to advance yet another absurd theory: that trans kids are receiving hormone therapy at the age of 4.

Which, to be clear, is not how it works, even a little bit. Which Musk might know if he made an attempt to forge a relationship with his trans daughter Vivian.

So what happened? In brief, a Republican operation that calls itself the American Accountability Foundation (tweeting under the hilarious @ name “Exposing Biden”) released a brief last week that claimed that under the Biden administration, children “from the age of four” are passing through a University medical school’s (confusingly named MUSC) in order to get HRT.

Which is misleading, because anyone who knows anything about HRT knows that that’s absolutely not how it works. The four-year-olds in question are accessing other types of care, including therapy, which is often the still medically-necessary step toward starting on beta blockers, which prevent trans children from having to go through puberty as their assigned-at-birth sex, a dysphoric, harrowing experience that kids no longer have to suffer through.

Children as young as four aren’t accessing hormones at that stage, nor are they accessing beta blockers.

But Musk, ever the sh*tposter, decided to take this to mean something much different.

As anyone with the barest understanding of trans healthcare knows, getting on beta blockers isn’t the easiest process, especially without parental approval, which is still required in most states. In the UK, the long-running joke is that trans kids have to fight so long and so hard and wait so long for access to blockers that by the time they can access them, they’ve already undergone puberty. And why is all this the case? Because of medical gatekeeping. That’s why kids as young as four have to go to gender clinics: to essentially “prove” that they’re dysphoric in order to access life-saving care in the form of blockers or HRT.

But moral panic never rests, and of course Musk’s comment set off the troll crowd, who are now convinced that the “indoctrination” of trans kids is starting at an even earlier age.

Naturally, trans Twitter was having none of it.

You literally don’t have to know a single thing about transness or puberty to know that what Musk is saying makes no sense.

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