People are losing their tiny minds over a progress flag in a train station

If you were looking for evidence that the op-ed industrial complex has reached its final, depressing destination, look no further than British writer Suzanne Moore’s most recent comment piece for The Telegraph.

Catchily titled, “I don’t need my sexuality affirmed at a railway station – I just want the trains to run on time,” the piece goes into detail about why Moore feels that a newly-decorated Pride Pillar—a pillar plastered over with images of the Progress Flag, along with several other flags denoting queer identity—in the London Bridge Metro station is cause for alarm.

“Call me a basic b**** but what I require of Network Rail is trains running on schedule, clear signposting, assistance for those who need it, and to feel safe on trains and at stations,” Moore writes.

Now if you’re at all familiar with UK politics in the 21st century, you’re aware that there’s something of a TERF takeover that’s been brewing for quite some time now. Talking heads from Julie Bindel to JK Rowling to UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak have made their (hatemongering, factually inaccurate) views about trans people known despite not a single person having ever expressed interest in such views. Now Moore, an Orwell Prize-winning writer with her own TERF talking points, has decided to complain about the fact that a single train station displaying pride flags is seemingly a poor use of funds.

Well, Suzanne, it may surprise you to know that most of us would like the trains to run on time. Whether we’re at the mercy of the London Underground, the Paris Metro, or the New York subway system, we’d all—trans and queer, straight and cis—absolutely love to be able to depend on public transportation in a world rapidly choking on superhighway methane fumes. But does plastering inclusive imagery on a pillar necessarily take away from the primary goal of public transit? No. Trans people are not the reason the trains are late, much as I’m sure TERFS would love to pin that on us.

As always, the backlash to Moore’s piece has been swift and hilarious. Because you can’t keep a good trans community down, try as you might.

Let’s be honest, we all want the same thing: to spend as little time on public transportation as possible.

And as many have correctly guessed, yes, Moore does not identify as queer. So why, you might ask, is she acting like she has a single dog in this fight?

Another day, another fake problem to cry over.

One poster summed things up absolutely perfectly:

Thank god for the Internet.

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