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The Tale of the “Big Tiddie Nazi Lady” Who Took Twitter By Storm

Over the weekend, an extremely ridiculous caption, alongside an image, began circulating on the queer and trans Internet with alarming rapidity. On Saturday, the feminist history account OnThisDayShe posted the following, since-deleted tweet, reposted here:

“GC” means gender critical, aka TERF-affiliated for those not in the know. And “OnThisDayShe” might not be a full-on TERF channel, but there’s something a little shady going on. What tipped us off? Could it be the Willendorf Venus in their profile picture? The reference to a “mastectomy” for racing purposes? Well, to be quite honest, there are a few things going on here. The first is that Violette Morris, the inspirational woman on display here, was neither inspirational nor, in all probability, a woman. There’s the wording of the tweet itself, expertly created to side-step the word “Nazi,” and there’s also the photo chosen after mentioning that Morris had top surgery “to better fit into her racecar.” Ok, sure OnThisDayShe. Sure. Cool. The Internet wasted no time in ripping this hilarious attempt at Nazi TERF worship to shreds:

After a certain point, OnThisDayShe deleted the tweet and made their account private, along with all parties involved. Although the account briefly attempted to explain their decision to hold aloft a Nazi (and possible trans guy) as a symbol of feminist resilience, they basically got laughed off the street early on.

Then, the history nerds came out to give us the full story of Violette Morris.

But there’s one big takeaway here, and it’s that Violette Morris had some huge cans.

Before fucking TOP SURGERY, THAT IS!

Let’s not misgender Nazis, even if they’re Nazis, please. Morris also dated legendary performer and WWII spy Josephine Baker, who dumped her for being, you know, a Nazi.

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