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The tale of the anti-Pride bag Karen is taking the Internet by storm

Pride may be over, but the homophobes stay pissed. One in particular—a Karen who decided to go shopping on July 1st—has decided that Pride-themed shopping bags are a curse and an insult to the straight community. And as you can imagine, the gay Internet is amused.

When the user @blondiepop came online in the year of our lord 2024 to complain that Steve Madden was still giving out bags with the Progress Pride flag on them, she felt it necessary to call out the shoe brand for…not liquidating all leftover Pride stock?

“Why am I carrying a Pride tote around the mall?” She asks, showing viewers a Steve Madden flag bearing an image of the Progress Pride on the side. “It’s July 1st, the month of June is over.”

Aside from this being a pretty silly thing to get mad at (especially in the current climate, where there are plenty of real things to be justifiably pissed about,) it’s just a question that didn’t need to be asked in the first place. She also says that if she had known the bags would have Pride flags on them, she would have brought her own bag.

“Just to offer a little bit of perspective…coming from the retailer space,” explains Tanedra Howard, who stitched the original video, “they probably ordered a lot of inventory for the month of June, for Pride, and they probably still have bags left over.”

Simple as that. But of course, conservatives want to make a huge deal out of it anyway.

“I don’t think they were saying ‘Hey, Blondie Pop,’ let’s give her a Pride bag just because…” Howard says. “But honestly this complaint about having a Pride bag doesn’t surprise me from someone whose name is Blondie Pop who lives in Florida.”

I mean, yeah! As many commenters have since pointed out, it’s a bag, sweetie. And if you’re that worried about being seen with the Progress flag anywhere near your person, I don’t know, maybe find some real problems?

“People are dying Kim” 😂 but also 😭 because literally people are dying,” one commenter wrote. “I don’t think they have books in Florida anymore 😢 it’s so sad,” wrote another.

But the piece de resistance came in swiftly after. “The way I can’t find her profile anymore,” one commenter wrote.

And that’s how it’s done, friends!

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