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This Moms for Liberty school board member was caught red-handed at Target

Well into January, the growing list of Moms for Liberty scandals is the gift that keeps giving. After the anti-LGBTQ+ extremist group’s founder made headlines with a sexual assault scandal last month, Moms for Liberty can now add kleptomania to its RAP sheet.

On Tuesday, Keri Blair, a Moms for Liberty-endorsed school board member, resigned from her seat on the Collierville School Board in Tennessee, according to LGBTQ Nation. Blair was elected in November 2022 on a platform of “parent choice” and keeping “social agendas” out of education. Although her campaign was mostly financed by herself, she received donations from Patricia Woodard, treasurer of the Shelby County chapter of Moms for Liberty.

In issuing her resignation, Blair cited “personal, family reasons.” Collierville Schools released a statement on Wednesday saying, “Chairman Cox wishes to express his thanks for Ms. Blair’s service to the community and her commitment to public education in Collierville.” The statement added that a replacement would be appointed by the local government before the election in November of this year.

Although not mentioned in the resignation announcement, Blair was arrested on January 5 for shoplifting from Target. After cameras caught her “skip scanning” at the self-checkout (and walking away with $728.61 in stolen merchandise), she is being charged with seven counts of theft. Although she was subsequently released on a $75,000 bond, Target is reportedly planning to pursue these charges.

Moms for Liberty got its start as an anti-mask parents’ group during the pandemic. They have since shifted their focus to campaigning against the LGBTQ+ community, repeatedly pushing the “groomer” narrative. The group has targeted local school boards, advancing their candidates in lower-profile local elections in order to purge schools of material relating to race, gender or sexuality. In the recent election cycle, voters thoroughly rejected this agenda, defeating Moms for Liberty candidates in race after race.

In addition to their election losses, the group has been rocked by scandals in recent months. In November, high-ranking members were dismissed after being photographed making white power hand signs with Proud Boys members. Later that same month, the group came under fire for hiring a registered sex offender to head their religious outreach. More recently, Moms for Liberty co-founder Bridget Ziegler has faced calls to resign after her husband was sued for sexual assault by a woman they’d both allegedly engaged for a threesome.

The scandals are not particularly surprising to anyone who’s been paying attention to Moms for Liberty. But the fact that these scandals are not enough to deter many conservatives from supporting them almost ruins the entertainment value. Almost.

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