That Time Julia Fox Referred to Herself as “a Lesbian”

· Updated on March 23, 2023

If you don’t love Julia Fox—fashion icon, star of screen and runway—friend, it’s time to pull your head out of your ass and get with it. Julia Fox is the moment, and the moment, it seems, is here to stay. You don’t get an entire eye look named after you if you’re not a cultural event.

But we’re not here to talk about how talented and brilliant Julia Fox is. We’re here to discuss one single line from an interview conducted in early January, before Fox’s star catapulted to untold heights after she was spotted having a love moment at Carbone with Kanye West.

Sitting down with interviewer Rachel Rabbit White for Office Magazine, Fox discussed her career, motherhood, sex work, and the reality of being in abusive relationships. It’s a good, sometimes hard read that shows Fox’s determination to define herself on her own terms in an industry that loves defining women in terms of men. “God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle or that isn’t made for you, tailored specifically for you,” she says. “And this just happens to be my experience.

She also says this:

“I realized it in middle school. Prior to that I  was a tomboy. I was kind of a lesbian.”

Okay wait…what? 

“I grew up with my dad and my brother and my next door neighbor who was a boy,” she continues. “I wasn’t into being girly. But then when I realized, ‘Oh guys like me  when I’m more feminine presenting, they’re  nicer to me, and I can get things when I am this  other way…’ The switch was overnight. I started wearing heels the same week. I was fully going to milk it to the max, you know?”

Hm, so it would seem that Fox is using the term “lesbian” to describe a more tomboyish, masc presentation. And yet we have to wonder at this choice of wording–at least, I do, because I’m obsessed with Julia and this news is the definition of “big if true.” 

Sadly, the interview does not return to or probe the use of “lesbian”, and yet—understandably—this is the part I keep getting hung up on. Julia Fox: Lesbian. Why can’t it be true? Why??

I mean, listen, the jury is still out. Has Julia Fox had a queer experience or two? Maybe. We don’t know. Maybe we’ll never know. But by God, we can hope, can’t we? 

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