Oh Brother

Watch this anti-drag preacher throw the most flamboyant hissy fit possible

Have you heard of the Gospel Music Association’s Dove Awards? You’d be forgiven if you haven’t; the yearly award show celebrates excellence specifically in Christian music, which means it might not be the safest possible space for queer and trans entertainers.

But that ain’t stopping Flamy Grant, a drag performer and singer who plans to attend the Dove awards this year.

All well and good, right? Well, not according to Evangelical pastor Greg Locke, who had a very public conniption fit regarding Flamy Grant’s upcoming attendance at the event.

Strutting the stage in a truly unforgivable outfit, Locke told constituents that he hoped “God [would] evacuate the building and burn the whole thing to the ground” simply for letting a queen attend the event.

The only thing sillier than freaking out about queer attendance at an awards show is wearing a Wildfang button-down to do it.

Actually, apologies to Wildfang because they could never make a garment so tacky. Truly, what in the Ben and Jerry’s Wavy Gravy psychedelia is going on with this shirt?

And yes, if you’re wondering, this is the same Greg Locke who implied that disabled people wouldn’t exist if they just believed in God more. The same Greg Locke calling for the total extermination of Palestinians in Gaza.

Basically, if you’re pissing off this guy and his Me, Myself and Irene-era Jim Carrey haircut, you’re most certainly doing something right.

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