Andy Cohen & Anderson Cooper Discuss Some Sexy Facts

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper may be the highest profile gay besties since James Dean and Rock Hudson. But apparently, Andy and Anderson are just like the rest of us. Sure, one of them is responsible for the largest reality television franchise in the nation, and the other rips apart the Trump administration on national news. But deep down, they’re just a couple of gay boys who have the same conversations we have with our own slightly less famous gay best friends.

Cooper recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen as they geared up to host CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage. Kim Zolciak-Biermann was also in attendance to fill the ever-so-important Real Housewives chair. She hosted a game of “One, Two, AC” in which they had to answer some risqué questions about each other. And if there’s one person who knows AC, it’s the other AC.

Seriously, how have these guys not hooked up yet? We were thinking it, and Kim said it in the way at least one straight girl has asked you and your gay best friend the same question.

During their game of wits, the best friends of more than two decades revealed some fun facts about each other. We find out what Cooper’s favorite TV show and biggest fear are. We also find out whether Cohen prefers boxers or briefs, what his favorite roleplay character is, and which one of them is a bigger freak. Here’s a hint: Cooper is only a Vanderbilt in the streets.

Although we’re sad to see Kathy Griffin go, it will definitely be a fun New Year’s Eve with these two dropping balls. So, don’t be tardy for that party. (Sorry, I had to!)

Watch Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper play a game of “One, Two, AC” below:

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