Armie Hammer Slams Transphobic Heckler at ‘Straight White Men’

Armie Hammer of Call Me By Your Name lore, who’s currently starring in Broadway’s Straight White Men, had some harsh (and deserved) words for a transphobic heckler who attended the show last week.

The show also stars Kate Bornstein, a gender non-conforming trans activist. While Bornstein was on stage, a heckler yelled “You’re not welcome here!” When the activist first appears on stage, they say, “Good evening, ladies, gentlemen, and the rest of us.” Apparently, the heckler took that quip, as well as every time Bornstein was on stage, as an opportunity to shout and boo. Hammer is having none of it.

He tweeted, “To the woman in our audience who felt it was appropriate to yell, ‘You’re not welcome here!’ at Kate Bornstein, our beloved friend, co-worker, and now family member….. feel free never to come back.”

The Social Network actor is a major ally of LGBTQ people, and is heralded by the community for his delicate and empathetic performance in the Oscar-winning Call Me By Your Name.

Hammer and Bornstein’s co-star Josh Charles chimed in too, taking a more, um, direct approach.

Bornstein posted a statement on Facebook, thanking fans for the “outpouring of love and support” after the incident.

“I’m deeply touched by the outpouring of love and support in response to an attempted shaming of me,” Bornstein began. “It’s true what people are saying: a woman, in response to my opening line of the show, ’Good evening, ladies, gentlemen, and the rest of us,’ called out from the audience, ’You’re not welcome here.’ She could not have been more wrong.” 

The activist elaborated: “The cast, crew, and company of Straight White Men have been warm, welcoming, and inclusive of me and the other trans actors in the show, Ty Defoe and T.L. Thompson. The production company, Second Stage Theater, have only expressed delight in welcoming us aboard.” They added, “And the staff of the Helen Hayes Theater could not be more welcoming—we all of us give and receive nightly hugs. So, I don’t know who she thought she was talking about when she claimed that I’m not welcome. I was not shamed by her. I was puzzled. What could have caused this woman’s outburst?” 

And because the internet’s gonna internet, fans actually found the seat number of the heckler and snitch-tweeted it to Armie Hammer, who assured them that he’s going to report her to the officials at the theater.

You tried it, transphobes!

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