Azealia Banks and Remy Ma Beef on Instagram

Rappers Azealia Banks and Remy Ma traded wordsand more!over the weekend on Instagram.

The beef started when Banks responded to comments that Remy Ma made while on The Breakfast Club on Hot 97 last week.

“When I came home [from jail] it was nothing,” Ma told the radio program. “It was tumbleweeds blowing through as far as female artists in rap are concerned.”

In response, Banks said that Remy must “step [her] shit up.”

“The music you have been releasing is some serious old head rap shit and it’s 100% unfair that you stand up on your reality tv booster seat and make any statements about female rap as if you have done a single thing to move the cultural needle since you’ve been home,” Banks wrote. Banks also criticized her diss tracks against Nicki Minaj.

In response, Ma posted texts she received from Banks in which Banks asked her about a potential labiaplasty as well as appearing on Remy’s album and Love & Hip Hop.

Banks responded in her Instagram stories, where she slammed Remy for only publishing selective texts and not the several texts praising her.

Banks ended her disses by saying she hopes for more for Remy in 2018.

“Let’s just hope that you get inspired to write something other than Nicki Minaj love letters and that wack-ass Plato O Plomo shit,” Banks said.

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