Beyoncé Is Back To Take Your Money

The holidays aren’t just about presents. They’re about buying things. From Beyoncé.

As Entertainment Weekly reported earlier this week, Beyoncé has released a line of “Holidayoncé” merch. There are cute little crop tops, cozy-looking onesies, Christmas ornaments, and Lemonade-inspired enamel decals.

The collection includes

This “Have a Thicc Holiday” sweatshirtThis “Slay Bells” phone caseThis “Best Revenge is Your Paper” wrapping paperThis sorta kinda brechtian unless I don’t actually understand what “brechtian” means “Beyoncé Holiday Sweater”This “Yoncé” onesieThis “Sis the Season” sweatshirtAnd the most relevant Christmas ornament of all time.

Best of all, it will only set you back a couple hundred dollars after you buy all of it. You might still have enough money left over to buy your mom the box of paperclips she’s always wanted!

So, open your hearts. Open your minds. Open your wallets. For Beyoncé.

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