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Bretman Rock’s wholesome boyfriend reveal has everyone swooning

It looks like there’s a new queer power couple in town. In a recent and mysterious video, beauty mega-influencer Bretman Rock appeared to soft launch a new beau in the most wholesome way imaginable.

The short video posted on Sunday shows Rock and another shirtless man on a rooftop taking turns playing notes on a drum. In the background is the sunny Hawaiian landscape—a picture-perfect, peaceful scene capable of softening even the hardest of hearts.

Followers immediately celebrated the apparent couple’s happiness. “This feels so intimate,” said one.

“I’ve never seen Bretman so calm,” said another.

“The rooftop, scenery, nature sounds, and a strong back lol,” commented another follower. “Whatever this is good for you Bretman”

Although Rock’s mystery man had his back to the camera, that didn’t stop online sleuths from tracking down his identity: Hawaiian TikTok influencer Justice Fester. It turns out this is not the first video they’ve filmed together.

Earlier this month, Rock was featured in another adorable video uploaded to Fester’s TikTok. Each took turns painting the other’s face on a rock and sharing the results. Both burst into infectious laughter with each reveal. But despite the fun and games, there was a clear winner in the contest.


Who y’all think did better?

♬ original sound – Justice

On Monday, Fester posted a video of the two playing with dogs in yet another picturesque Hawaiian setting. “Lost but now I am found,” Fester captioned.


Lost but now i am found ☀️🩵

♬ original sound – Justice

While it’s unconfirmed whether the two are actually a couple, it’s clear that Rock is happy either way. Given his enviable personal success, it’s no wonder why. After amassing more than 16 million followers on TikTok where they regularly defy gender binaries, he was heralded as the first out gay man to appear on the cover of Playboy magazine (Rock has since come out as nonbinary using any pronoun). Earlier this year, the Filipino-American influencer was honored by the Hawaiian Filipino Caucus and state House of Representatives for his trailblazing work as a public figure.

Whether he’s boo’d up or not, we’re just happy to see him thriving.

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