Chicos de La Noche: Images of Madrid’s Queer Club Scene

When it comes to queer party cities, Madrid didn’t come to play.

In addition to hosting Europe’s biggest pride festival every summer, the Spanish capital goes off year-round, packing people into the dozens of queer bars and clubs that line the narrow cobblestone streets of Chueca and Malasaña until all hours of the morning.

London-based photographer Christopher McCory recently captured the scene at three Madrid nightlife institutionsCha Cha, Mondo, and Stardustwhere the city’s young and stylish party until sunrise before stumbling to a 24-hour churro shop and falling into bed.

Check out the photos and our questionnaire with McCory below.

I’m into: the arts, production and direction.
I’m Inspired by: the underdogs, my friends and philosophy.
I’m looking for: stability ha.
My motto is: if you don’t like the lane you’re in then switch it up a few gears, feel the breeze and get on track. The destination is closer than you think. You’ve just gotta put in some mileage.
I wake up to: work on the empire.
I live for: me, my goals and my friends.
I’m good at: life things.
My happy place is: in the studio.
I’ve never: late.
I’m always: on time.
I admire: determination.
I’m hungry for: a challenge.
I can’t stand: being poor.
My perfect day is: not today. probably a summer’s day at the lake.
My greatest love is: my bed, camera and my spotify library.
My last meal was: TGI’s sesame seed chicken bites (you know the ones).
My spirit animal is: a mountain goat.
It hurts when: UBER sends me a receipt.
It feels good to: cash a check.
I listen to: everything but bullshit.
I believe in: karma.

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