Chappell Roan just accidentally hard launched this adorable couple

Not sure how to tell the world about a new relationship? It’s easy: just let Chappell Roan do it for you. The “Pink Pony Club” singer has already done it for one couple, after they attended her latest performance opening for Olivia Rodrigo’s Guts World Tour.

On her TikTok, Roan posted a video of the front row of her audience in Kansas City. It features two guys singing their hearts out to her new smash hit “Good Luck, Babe!” and dancing together. They are, in fact, a couple — they just hadn’t told anyone yet.

The couple is Dylan Curry and Jack Huster, two fans of Roan’s with large TikTok followings of their own. When she posted the video of them together, Curry responded with a reaction video showing him and Huster with the caption, “Chappell Roan just hard launched us before we could.”


#stitch with @chappell roan HAHAHA WHAT. @jack #chappellroan

♬ original sound – dylan

Curry’s comments were flooded with congratulations, both for his relationship and for arguably finding the perfect way to show his new boyfriend to the world. 

​​”How ICONIC!?!?” reads one comment. “Congratulations babes y’all are adorable.”

“Wouldn’t want it any other way for you guys,” reads another.

Curry and Huster were also noticed by Ultraviolet, one of the drag performers who opened for Roan’s set. 

“You were the first people I saw when I came out to perform!” she commented on Curry’s video. “Literally the cutest.”

Having been hard launched by Roan, Curry and Huster did the same on their Instagrams. Curry captioned a slideshow of pictures from the concert, including pictures of him and Huster, with a lyric from “Good Luck, Babe!”: “You’d have to stop the world just to stop the feeling.” It’s a tragic line in the context of the song, but for these two, it’s swoon-worthy instead.

Huster and Curry also went viral for their antics in line for the concert. The standard aesthetic for a Chappell Roan concert is, of course, bubblegum pink cowboy attire. With Curry not quite fitting the brief, they had to get creative.

“DoorDashing a pink cowboy hat to the concert line is the gay agenda in action,” Huster wrote on a video of Curry grabbing a hat from a delivery driver, then returning to his spot in line. One thing about the gays? We’ll do anything for a theme.


had to make sure he was on theme #chappellroan #pinkponyclub @dylan @chappell roan

♬ Pink Pony Club – Chappell Roan

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