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Florence Pugh’s Met Gala Look Has the Gays Wondering Something

Move over Gaylor Swift conspiracy theorists, there’s a new fan theory in town. It involves one Met Gala, two starlets, and one chic shorn hair look.

That’s right, you guessed it: Florence Pugh’s shaved head look already has the gays a’buzzin’.

Not only has Pugh’s newest hair look convinced us she can pull off absolutely any hairstyle she wants at any time, it’s also serving Tank Girl realness. And you’d better believe that we are all sitting up and taking notice.

Yes friends, it’s Buzzcut Season, and Pugh is rocking the look with the best of the gays.

But there’s something else that has our eyebrows raised…

Not only did Pugh reveal her new look at the Met Gala, she was spotted holding hands with KPOP actress Ashley Park.

The two were seemingly inseparable at noted queer icon Janelle Monáe’s afterparty.

To make matters even gayer, Pugh was also snapped holding hands with Priyanka Chopra.

Now listen, having a buzzcut and holding hands with a woman does not make you gay. But it does constitute gay culture. Once again, I do not make the rules.

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