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People are Losing It Over Troye Sivan’s Latest Fashion Statement

Is Troye Sivan the world’s favorite twink? It’s possible. Although the Australian singer-songwriter won’t be reprising his role as Jocelyn’s bestie on the recently-canceled “The Idol,” he’ll still remain in the public eye throughout the summer. Not only for his new single “Rush,” but for a bold fashion statement the pop artist made on a recent Paris Fashion Week show. The man went pantsless, and we love to see it. Except when we don’t love to see it.

In short, people had mixed feelings about the look.

Is it giving fashion? Or is it giving…I forgot to wear pants?

Some are comparing the look to…Dobby the house elf?

It’s harkening back to the early days of the pandemic, when we realized that WFH meant we were free to make pantsless Zoom calls.

But best of all, it’s giving:

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