Oh, Mother!

Presenting the gayest things that happened at the Golden Globes

Last night, the Golden Globes presented us with so much queenliness that it took our breath away. I’m not just talking about Pedro Pascal’s outfit or Rosamund Pike’s mother-off with Gillian Anderson—except no, I’m talking exactly about those things. Because in terms of who won and lost, who really cares? All that matters is that Bradley Cooper took home nothing, and Sarah Snook took home everything. And the gays? Well honey, the gays had a real night to remember.

First off, there were the outfits.

There were the lesbian icons…

Including newly-minted sapphic icon Barry Keoghan.

Rosamund Pike showed up to the red carpet holding Jacob Elordi’s Saltburn bathwater candle

Bromancers Matt and Ben enjoyed a “friendly” hug…

Certified babygirl Matthew McFayden lost his entire mind when Sarah Snook took home the globe…

And Jared Leto managed to scare off everyone.

But best of all, Paul Giamatti enjoyed a delicious double-double with fries after the event. It’s called King Sh*t.

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