Sew Fierce

This reality series shows the designers behind high fashion drag

*Photo credit: OUTtv (L to R: Jaime “Lucinda Miu” Lujan & Crystal)

The worlds of drag and fashion have always been intertwined and Sew Fierce‘s second season proves it.

Sew Fierce returns with an even fiercer season two to find the new top drag designer. With more designers, more cutting-edge fashion, and even more camp, Sew Fierce brings together eight of the world’s top drag designers to compete to for the season two champion title. Think RuPaul’s Drag Race meets Project Runway.

And speaking of Drag Race, while Jaime Lujan aka Lucinda Miu returns to fulfill her hosting duties, Lujan will be joined by new co-host Crystal, a season one alum of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. This dynamic duo will be mentor and test each contestant with a variety of challenges to measure their talent, skills, and creativity. Each designer brings a different skill set to the competition, and while that may give the judges a harder time when it comes to critiques, you better believe that each episode will bring more unique and sickening looks.

“Filming the first season of Sew Fierce was a highlight of my year so when I learned we’d be getting a second season, I was elated,” Lujan said for INTO. “This season includes a roster of unique and highly skilled designers who produce work very different from each other which makes our job as judges excitingly difficult. We have designers proficient in patchwork, unconventional materials, pattern drafting, giant drag silhouettes, fetish wear, the list goes on. I’m so excited to see them all shine on screen and for audiences to fall in love with them like we did. Also, did I mention that Crystal and I filmed little skits for each episode? I cannot wait for everyone to see how stupid we truly are!”

Sign us up for these skits! First season of the OUTtv original series featured Lujan, a performance artist, actor, and costumer with work seen on Canada’s Drag Race, alongside drag artist and DJ Barbada de Barbades. The duo challenged several top designers ensuring that drag artists continue to serve onstage, on camera, and on the runway. Now, Crystal will carry the torch with Lujan to bring the laughs, fashion, and plenty of drag.

“I’m so glad to be part of season 2 of Sew Fierce,” Crystal said for INTO. “It’s a really unique show and I especially love how much variety we have amongst our designers. We’ve representation of so many kinds of drag – avant garde, pageant drag, cosplay, modern diva – it’s amazing watching the designers interpret the weekly challenges through their own design lense. Drag fans will love this show!”

Mark you calendars, as Sew Fierce season two premieres on OUTtv on April 9. In the meantime, check out the season two trailer below.

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